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Hyper-Local Connectivity

3ev provides micro-mobility solutions from the ground up. We offer end-to-end solutions in each hyper-local community we serve, including professional services for passengers, small-parcel deliveries, and freight. Our focus is on each local ecosystem that we work in, and we strive to provide the highest quality connections to all members in order to build-up and enhance our communities.

  • We own our vehicles

  • We sign exclusive contracts with our drivers which includes family health insurance and participation in the Provident Fund

  • We operate our software Apps for the benefit of our users – we will never share or sell user information to marketing firms or any other third-party

3ev is building stronger hyper-local communities by providing:

Safety – our Drivers are all rigorously trained Service Professionals with a commitment to on-the-road safe-driving practices, and demonstrating the utmost respect to all customers and members of the community.

Convenience – we design, develop, and continuously improve our vehicles, our user interfaces for our software Mobile APPs, and our business practices to ensure that the needs of our communities are served now and into the future.

Green Efficiency – we make our own electric vehicles for passenger and freight services in order to ensure great service with optimal efficiency while protecting the environment we all share.

3ev is not just a fleet operator, we are a "Make in India" manufacturer and cutting-edge technology developer.

Our expertise in renewable off-grid energy storage technologies enables us to make the most powerful and efficient 3-wheel EVs with the lowest total cost of ownership. The heart of any EV is the battery system. 3ev designs its vehicles around a proprietary battery technology that ensures optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

Technology Edge

3ev leverages cutting-edge technology to produce 3-wheel EVs that outperform the competition in real-world conditions. The battery is the heart of the EV. Our system capitalizes on the low-cost of lead-acid batteries but eliminates all of the reliability problems associated with them.


  • Electric Power = Renewable + Clean + Silent + Efficient Transportation

  • Higher Performance + Longer Range = More Passengers = More Revenues

  • More Revenue – Lower Total Cost = Higher Earnings

  • Long Battery Life = Less Battery Disposal = Less Environmental Damage

120km+ per charge Long-range on a single charge
No loss in capacity over time Hands-free daily battery maintenance
3 Years Warranty,hassle-free Long-life to match lithium battery performance
Lowest total cost of ownership Low upfront cost, low operating cost

3ev battery systems outperform all other technologies and provide for the lowest total cost of ownership.

The heart of 3ev is a strong and reliable battery system, we can engineer our vehicles for optimal power, loading capacity, safety, and long-life. We are not simply substituting one battery for another. We take a wholistic approach to ensure that our EVs are the best suited for delivering on the promise of clean, efficient, and affordable urban transport.